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HAPPY HOLI March 19, 2011

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Hey All,

It has been more than a month that I have posted something on the blog. I was not able to do so due to busy schedule at work and home, but today I took some moments to come back as I could not miss to wish you all on this beautiful festival of colors, Holi. So here are my wishes to all of you…..


May God paint the canvas of your life with the most beautiful colors, peace, luck, success and joy at every step…

Wish U A Very Colorful And Happy Holi..


Now I Am A True Ghumakkar January 17, 2011

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A few days back, while browsing some blogs, I came across an interesting and truly my kind of blog with posts I totally love to read. The blog or better I say the website is where you can read traveling experiences of members across India and every other part of the world. I was so spell bound that I read many of the posts in a single go. It is a great platform for all of us to read, write and share our travel stories with millions of readers around there. If you want to share your travel experience, simply register on the website and you will be given the access to your dashboard area where you can write the post and submit it for review.

I was so inspired from Ghumakkar authors, that I jotted down my Darjeeling honeymoon trip and submitted it on the blog and today it is live on the site. To see my post on go here.

I am ready with the next part of the post and will again wait for it to be published.

Thanks to Nandan and Vibha for their support regarding my queries and other posting issues and accepting my post to be published on the blog.


The Lost Love… January 3, 2011

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No no don’t get misunderstood from the post title. I am not going to draft any fictional or real time love story here. The title intends towards a tradition, a hobby and a way of sending our wishes to our loved one on occasions such as New Year, Birthdays, Festivals etc. I am talking about the lost love we all had towards sending and receiving Greeting Cards which has now almost become a historical event. Do you remember the last time you sent a greeting card to someone on his/her birthday, to your friends/family on New Year, Christmas, Holi or Diwali ? As far as I do, I sent the last New Year greetings when I was a school-goer and loved to send greeting cards to relatives living in other cities and exchanging cards with some special friends only in the school. Oh happy I would feel to copy important and attractive wordings from other cards and scribing them on mine and my happiness knew no limits when I used to  know about the acknowledgment of  my cards sent to others or whenever I received any card from others.

Actually, I got nostalgic about Greeting Cards when on this new year eve while going home, I came across a stationary shop with some new year cards displayed at the counter. I know there are some signature shops such as Archies, Hallmark etc. where we can get any card we want but during our child hood these shops were not into operation widely and we would only visit some stationary or a local gift shop to buy cards. It is another fact that we prefer Archies and Hallmark cards only and would ask the shopkeeper only for them. Sending and giving Birthday cards are still alive these days but soon it will also extinct in the coming future.

Perhaps, the main reason behind this extinction of this token of love is technology. With mobiles, Internet, chats, social networking platforms etc. wishing our friends and family is only limited to sending sms, emails, ecards (very rarely) and pings and lately it is status update only that is left for wishing others. Write your wishes as your status on Facebook, Orkut, Myspace and its done. I know it is easier to write a single status line to wish, but does it brings that happiness, that smile and that love which was brought by greeting cards during those times. Earlier we used to at least call others to wish them but now even this has also came to an end. Now it is only a formality to wish others on their special days and other occasions.

The Love We Used To Love Is lost…..


HAPPY NEW YEAR 2011 December 31, 2010

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Hello World To My WordPress Blog

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Hey All!!!

After so many attempts, I have finally succeeded in moving my blogger blog to this brand new wordpress blog. A new change, a new start, a new theme on a new year.


So will see you all here from now.


MERRY CHRISTMAS… December 24, 2010

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Christmas is the time of giving and sharing.
It is the time of loving and forgiving.
Merry Christmas to Everyone!May the miracle of Christmas fill your heart with warmth and love.


I Need A Break December 7, 2010

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Yes, I need a break from these 9 hours of working where I have to go through various reports, data, records and analysis on a regular basis. I need a break from those remaining 15 hours of cooking food, eating, taking care of home and hubby and sleeping at home.

Well why need so is I do have a strange feeling of taking a break after a some days’ regular routine. I get bored if I have to go regularly to the work and even I get bored if I have to stay at home for some time.I had to do take rest due to some medical reasons two months back and each hour was just impossible to pass at home. This routine starts giving me tensions, stress and restlessness and from last few days I am suffering from sleep deprivation due to these reasons and same is going with hubby dear.

So we are thinking of taking a break from our routine only for 2-3 days this month due to shortage of leaves. We are planning to visit Shimla during Christmas holidays. We are going to refresh our minds with fresh air and environment, give rest to our eyes from prolonged exposure to computer systems and let them bask the beauty of nature.

I am waiting eagerly for my break….


That Little Boy November 27, 2010

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Every day in the evening when I am on my way to home after office, I see a boy of 9-10 years age selling some savories and snacks and don’t know why he always gains my attention. I confess of having some kind of soft feeling for little kids selling stuff to make a living for their parents. These underprivileged kids have to compromise with education, toys, good clothes etc. which other kids are blessed with.

I come across this little boy see daily in the evening at the metro station, I board a metro from. Carrying a bag full of snacks packets on his small yet strong shoulders he stands there on the gate of the station, sometimes busy in talking with other kids or shopkeepers. Selling each packet for just Rs 10., the boy calls everyone in a try to sell each and every packet. ‘Das Ka’ (for Rs.10) is the word he utters usually.

Sometimes I just feel like buying the whole bag from him and let him go home and enjoy what he wants. I feel like why these poor kids are not blessed with all the comforts of this world. A few days back, I bought a packet from him for Rs 12 as he said that packet prices have now raised to Rs. 12 per packet. My heart and mind didn’t allow me to bargain with him as they said that at least this child is not begging and is doing some work to earn money. And to appreciate those savories were also delicious. May be they tasted so because my heart had already made a sweet space for the boy and the savories he sell.

We see lots of kids begging in and around trains, stations, temples and malls fighting with life to earn a single buck. Most of them, we know, are thrown away by their parents to beg due to poor living conditions. Less sources, no income, many children, addiction to liquor etc. are the main reasons these kids are forced to beg before others.

Well I know that I can not do much to improve their lives rather than just giving them a space on my blog by writing this post.


My Visit To IITF 2010 November 25, 2010

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One of the buzz around Delhi these days is the IITF 2010. Held every year at Pragati Maidaan New Delhi, the fair offers a chance to domestic as well as international businesses to display their products and services with a particular theme. This year’s theme is ‘Clean and Energy Efficient Technology Products’.

So got a chance to visit the fair last week when hubby got passes from one of his colleagues. It was a exciting as well as disappointing experience. At starting the whole enjoyment was ruined by unseasonal rainfall. Where some of the state pavilions had nothing to display, others had much to show. Visited Delhi, Haryana, J&K, Punjab, Gujarat, Rajasthan, U.P., A.P. and International partners pavilions. Most of the pavilions had same clothes, jewelery and household items. Bought some household things, floor mat from Rajasthan, vase, artificial flowers and a hand bag from Thailand and a bed sheet from Pakistan. Pakistani stalls were flooded with beautiful hand embroidered bed sheets, bed covers, dupattas, ladies suits and men’s wear. International player’s pavilions had more to offer as compared to domestic ones which was also the reason behind more crowd there.

During our schooldays there was a charm for visiting Trade fair every year and we had one day school trips to trade fair also but nowadays the fair is loosing its appeal. May be its due to a difference in thinking being a school kid and a grown up adult.


Back After A Long Time November 24, 2010

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Dear All

So I am back today on my almost lost blog after almost one year. Now I will try my best to keep it updated. In this one year life saw many ups and downs. A new life after marriage, new relations, new people, new job and new place of living along with some pains, sorrows and worries..all in all the year passed with mixed feelings.

Now when every thing seems to be settled and I can pull out some free time, I thought of making my blog alive again with a new theme and excitement.

Will catch you guys soon with some interesting story soon.

Till then take care…. 🙂