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Proud Of Being A Girl May 13, 2009

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Being a girl is where it’s at.
I’m proud, sometimes loud, and I know how to have fun.
I am who I am!

I may be small, but my dreams are BIG!
Helping people, being strong,
and always staying true to myself.

My future lies in my own two hands, not in a crystal ball.
Being a girl is about letting loose and trying new things.
Wearing make-up, getting dressed up,
hair back, down, or up . . .

I am as unique on the outside, as I am on the inside.
Being a girl is really cool.
Open hearts, latest shoes . . .
I’m always going someplace special
with something important to do.

I am a girl in my heart, and I will be,

As this is my first post, I would like to share my thoughts about how much i feel proud of being a girl. A girl who is privileged to become:

A Daughter: The one who fills the loneliness of a home with her laughter, love and smiles. A dad’s pride and a mom’s dream.

A Sister: Who takes care of her siblings, fights with them, guides them, protects them from punishment for their mistakes and misses them badly, when apart.

A Wife: The one who promises pure love to a man with full devotion and commitment. Always stands by a husband’s side in his ups and downs in life.

A Mother: A divine gift to humanity, a friend, a companion and a centerpiece of one’s life. Only a girl owns the heavenly endowment of giving birth to and raise a child.

Thanks to God for making me a ‘Girl’ and a giving me a chance to perform all these roles in my life.