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Now I Am A True Ghumakkar January 17, 2011

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A few days back, while browsing some blogs, I came across an interesting and truly my kind of blog with posts I totally love to read. The blog or better I say the website is where you can read traveling experiences of members across India and every other part of the world. I was so spell bound that I read many of the posts in a single go. It is a great platform for all of us to read, write and share our travel stories with millions of readers around there. If you want to share your travel experience, simply register on the website and you will be given the access to your dashboard area where you can write the post and submit it for review.

I was so inspired from Ghumakkar authors, that I jotted down my Darjeeling honeymoon trip and submitted it on the blog and today it is live on the site. To see my post on go here.

I am ready with the next part of the post and will again wait for it to be published.

Thanks to Nandan and Vibha for their support regarding my queries and other posting issues and accepting my post to be published on the blog.


I Need A Break December 7, 2010

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Yes, I need a break from these 9 hours of working where I have to go through various reports, data, records and analysis on a regular basis. I need a break from those remaining 15 hours of cooking food, eating, taking care of home and hubby and sleeping at home.

Well why need so is I do have a strange feeling of taking a break after a some days’ regular routine. I get bored if I have to go regularly to the work and even I get bored if I have to stay at home for some time.I had to do take rest due to some medical reasons two months back and each hour was just impossible to pass at home. This routine starts giving me tensions, stress and restlessness and from last few days I am suffering from sleep deprivation due to these reasons and same is going with hubby dear.

So we are thinking of taking a break from our routine only for 2-3 days this month due to shortage of leaves. We are planning to visit Shimla during Christmas holidays. We are going to refresh our minds with fresh air and environment, give rest to our eyes from prolonged exposure to computer systems and let them bask the beauty of nature.

I am waiting eagerly for my break….